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Update on the masked assassin:
I added arms and some more flairs and I’d say we definitely tipped the scales away from ghost and towards poison a bit. My main concern is that now it looks too much like just a person in a costume (maybe an edgy Spider-Man villain lol_), so let me know if you guys agree and have any suggestions to remedy this.
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I tried out the gaseous cloak as suggested by Tommaniacal, but that was just a bit of experimentation at the end, so I’m still working out how to actually design it, so I didn’t want to include it as part of the main design. Here are some links to alternate versions:

Gas cloak: (the left and right side are sort of two different approaches to the vaporness, not sure which I like better)
Original clean cuffs:
(I hope this is a legal way to show alternate versions, if not I’m sorry!)

Thanks so much for all the feedback and support! Please keep it coming! I’m also pretty new to digital art as a whole (this is definitely the most time and effort I’ve put into anything on Procreate) so let me know if you guys have any tips for that as well. I’m loving all the ideas and designs here. So cool!
This is definitely one of my favourite concepts for this CAP, but you're right that it just looks like a person right now. I think you need to choose at least a genus of animal and add features of it instead of the current body which looks like a body suit. For instance, if you choose a lizard of some description then it can be scales, or some kind of bear would be furry. There's also more that can be done with the cloak -- think of the Sewaddle line, where every stage has leaf clothing, but Leavanny itself crafts the clothing for Sewaddle and Swadloon. It needs to be more based in nature than a black, material cloak. For instance, if you redirected toward a bird concept, then the cloak could be its wings that it wraps around itself to use as a cloak when being an assassin.

There's a lot of different ways to turn this into an animal so those are just two ideas. With that said, I'd also say that I don't like the arms too much. I know that someone else gave feedback before advocating for you to add arms, but a big part of why this looks so human is due to the arms. If you keep those upper limbs, it's probably worth turning them into paws, wings, or proper claws (think Zangoose). I think you just need to choose an animal and then it'll be easy to figure out what features to adjust to better fit the animal.
If I may, I'm going to put out a few design thoughts.

JuanJohn: As a marine invertebrate enthusiast, I find this piece most interesting. Your style is great. However, I have a difficult time determining what I am looking at. You describe it as a starfish or other echinoderm, but the soft/muscular body, bilateral symmetry, and suction cups lend it a more molluscan appearance to the point where I'm speculating whether it's based on the elephant-ear mussel, the elephant-trunk clam, or something else entirely. I am curious about the design choices that went into the piece.

Magistrum: Though it be unfinished, yours is already near the top of my list. Everyone loves a big, fat frog, and I do like that your thought process was immediately to seek out the hugest frog of all time. My only reservation is that Pokémon is already home to numerous bipedal frogs like Politoed, Seismitoad, Toxicroak, and Greninja, whereas only Venusaur actually moves as a frog does. Nevertheless, the ventral devil-face patterns are stellar for a first draft, and it would be a shame to hide them. They fully justify bipedalism. I look forward to seeing the final product, and for now I have to wonder what kind of color palette you're envisioning...

DougJustDoug: Even more than a frog, I adore a chemical monstrosity. No one ever said a Pokémon has to be based on an animal. That said, a Pokémon design incorporating artificial elements will usually blend them with the creature to a liberal degree—Rotom's laughably orange appliances, Aegislash's unwieldy conical hilt, etc. The cork-stoppered bottles are a little incongruous with that style. If they were gummed up with ooze, or ballooning with bubbles at the rims, or handled in a manner that does not allow the stoppers to be lost in between some couch cushions, I think they would look more cohesive (ha) with the rest of the design. As is, you still have a strong design worth advancing.
Update on the Masked Assassin:[/SPOILER]
What amazing work! This is such a cool concept. I love the animal direction you're going in. I have one thought, though.

To really nail the Poison typing, what if you made its body somewhat amorphous, and make each of its masks a different animal face? And then when it has that certain animal mask on (owl, bear, bat, etc.) its body transforms to follow that animal. I know this idea could be difficult to pull off technically in a piece of art, but I think having just one animal in its sprite form would suffice to get the idea across.

Regardless of what direction you go in, I wish you the best of luck moving forward! Such a cool idea.
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We spilled over into a new page? Great! I can drop this shading and highlights pass. Thanks to the lads on Discord for additional posing and shading feedback, though I won't say no to additional input from the forums. Now to see if I can squeeze in supporting art over the next couple of weeks...
The Crusade I'm glad you felt interested in my design! I dispose of very little knowledge about invertebrates, but that doesn't stop me from feeling amazed because of their bodies and structures. You mentioned an animal which was decisive in my design, the elephant-trunk clam (and I had no idea about its english name, thank you!). Part of this design is inspired in a few videos in which other species of clams extend themselves and show their movements. A popular video, "Clam Digs into Sand", had a profound impact in me. I linked it to the idea of a vacuum cleaner, as the final design shows. I also found inspiration in starfishes and nautilus, which made me think about this design as a rolled up animal.

I try to distance myself form very straightforward inspirations and look for very unique structures, so my designs don't look like specific animals, nor they must suggest conventional type associations. This is a complicated and unpopular route which I don't master yet, but it's really fun!

House_of_Radiance , your designs adapt very well the floating masks idea and I agree with Celever. I wouldn't be afraid of choosing an animal or mix of animals that doesnt necessarily remind us of specific type association. Anyway, I see a lot of potential in both the bat and the owl designs (although decidueye is maybe too present). I would also go for nocturnal animals that like to camouflage or hide, and give a lot of protagonism to the part of the body that they use to cover themselves.

28FEB2021 Evening Update - Line-art Rough Draft (Repose, +palette swap, body design changes)
Reposed and tidied up some. Still hoping to catch that look of a toxic animal & malicious party favor. The attached images include its new green-yellow-red-black palette. Going to wait a bit for the move finalization before continuing to work on it. Let me know if you have suggestions - I'd especially appreciate any pointers on perspective, line art cleanup, and design simplification.

Natural flavor ideas: This Pokémon is constantly shedding its papery feathers. Because it giggles when hit, small children have been found striking it to collect them. It smells strongly of chocolate. In spite of this Pokémon's highly toxic feathers, it has been known to cannibalize its own kind.

When it is hit by an attack as is befitting a piñata, it drops many of its papery feathers, causing it to experience a Color Change.

28FEB2021 Morning Update (Minor changes, color simplification)
Based on Discord feedback, it's still quite a bit too bright, so here's where it's at now, and I'll attach a few possible color schemes here in a bit. Plans are toning back his body boxes to red-yellow-black ("red before black, you're ok Jack, red before yellow, you're a dead fellow") & dropping cyan for a shade of purple or green. Got some suggestions to simplify/de-dragon his face as well but not sure how to go about that one yet.

27FEB2021 Original Post
Day-of-the-dead & Quetzalcoatl-inspired piñata Pokémon. Sketch above is a general idea of the shapes & colors. Final piece will likely be submitted late tomorrow, so let me know if you have any suggestions before then.



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Will go with another pose for a final sub, but I think this is the gist of the general color scheme I'll be going for, outside of tweaking a few things. Will do a pose that accentuates both sides of the wings, as the "cloak" is effectively just the outer skin layer of a bat's wings, while the red is the membranes. Color Change justification will come in the form of being able to remain virtually undetectable due to its shroud being able to distort light to hide itself even in broad daylight. Should this mon be sniffed out somehow, those large red eyes have a habit of lulling an opponent into a state of confusion as it hypnotizes its prey, causing them to remain disoriented while it plunges its toxic claws into their hapless victim.

Will fiddle with alternate posing, some modified proportions, and supporting work to make the design hopefully more cohesive!


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Okie, three designs that I think fit the prompt decently well, there'll be a poll at the bottom that'll help me decide what to work on :)

I've shown this one off before, it's a rogue graffiti alien that likes to spew colored spray gas. Added some supporting art to help me get a feel for the character of the mon

A semi-blind axolotl that uses its kaleidoscope arm things as lens, causing its vision to be tinted. The gems on the kaleidoscope change color. He's a friend :D

A skating street culture basilisk with aurora borealis trails! I tried to add some streetculture-y things with the dreadlocks and some color change cues with the gradients on the body

Because of my massive indecision, i have no idea which one to pick.... so i'm leaving it up to you guys :) You can vote here:

and i'll use whatever wins the poll!
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Version 3.3 of my design! I replaced the brown mud with a more grey ooze, and darkened the color of the mantle in order to better distinguish it from the tentacles and head. I know I've said it alot, but some help knowing what I can touch up would be very, well, helpful.

As for other pieces,
Any feedback on my squid would be essential!
I think you should focus on showing a little more life in your design. Right now, the main body is very small and the arms all follow similar paths and directions. try to bring the design closer to the viewer while giving the arms different trajectories and poses.
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HUGE overhaul to my design’s proportions, pretty happy with how it turned out. Possibly ready for a final sub but I might change a few things down the line + add some supporting art.
Any feedback on my squid would be essential!
Hello! I've just seen your design. I think the multicoloured octopus idea perfectly suits 29's concept. In order to progress, I would explore ways to develop the design so it doesn't remind us to a mere animal, and try to make it go beyond the highly synthetic stage in which it is right now. For example, think about other objects, ideas or animals you consider interesting for this concept and try to mix their structure with the octopus. This way, you can give it more volumes and coherent complexity.

Alternate concept I’m putting forward, a slime mob boss, plus smaller smile goons. I’ve always loved Pokémon composed of multiple creatures like Falinks or Magneton. I figured this could hit the mark for Color Change. Would love some feedback and I’ll try to post some feedback of my own soon.
drag3 (1).png

The concept is simple: a gremlin hiding inside a rock-hard shell of caked makeup.

The pokemon steals makeup from humans and uses it to decorate itself and its cave/sewer. It feeds off the lead in lipstick.

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Supporting Material
Somewhat outdated back view
Changing dance style based on typing
Sleeping posture + bottom view

Thought I'd finally put Illustrator and Photoshop to good use for this iteration of the design. I went over my old linework so it's much cleaner and sharper now. I decided to size down the chest crystal a bit, enlarge the hand crystals a considerable amount, and add an additional bauble to the ponytail. I also fixed the size and perspective of the large gem on the back of the hood, so it's about the same diameter and shape of the purple pattern on the front side.


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Here is a sketch of my new design, a malevolent Demon Imp:

The demon wields 9 magic talismans with various colored sigils. Their evil enchantment allows the imp to change type every time it is hit in battle. The demon has two snakes that do its bidding, with two long flowing wings that look like a cloak.

This may seem to be an odd mix of design elements, but it actually came from one seed of an idea, while looking at pictures of Atlas Moths. The Atlas Moth is famous for its long wing tips that appear to be snakes. See these reference photos:

In thinking about how to make a creature with snakes for wings, I started thinking about demons and evil imps, and from there the whole design started to come together.

I will keep playing with this design, and start working on color schemes to see what fits best. I'm not 100% sure this is the design I will go with, but I'm really enjoying this one so far!
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Makeup Colony (3).png

"The Makeup Colony Pokemon"

Wasn't happy with the old design, so I increased the "shell" concept and decreased the "gremlin" concept. Its a hive of small, jealous little gremlins hiding inside a big caked mass of makeup. They believe themselves to be "beautiful" and try to talk to other "humans" like them. They feed off the lead in makeup.

This is kind of a dugtrio/magneton pokemon, and if it got prevo's id say they would be small piles of makeup/individual makeup supplies with a goblin or two on them.

"This pokemon will often attempt to "date" humans, though it will always fail. However, they unintentionally attract alolan muk quite a bit. "
"This pokemon has constructed a fortress of stolen makeup and wire, and will feed off the lead in lipstick."

goblin (1).png
"Removed from their home, the individual goblins are awkward and unwieldy. Their limbs are designed for the tunnels of their makeup armor"
"These jealous creatures constantly add to their home, hoping to out-beauty the others in their colony"
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unfortunately ditched my previous design since i had no real concept that i wanted to use with it, so im sorry if yall took ur time giving feedback on the old design.

instead im gonna run with this jester chameleon thing


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Pipe Hatter Smollest.png

A first draft of the Pipe Hatter! I was inspired by sludge oozing out of a broken pipe-turned-hat. Though I'm still working on the Dark part of the typing in the design itself, I'd like to think that this character came from a dark place and is now exploring the outside world. Its ability to get easily distracted by new things is how I interpret its color changing ability. I realize now that it may look a little too much like Alolan Muk's rainbow-style Poison/Dark styling, but in future iterations, I'll work more on giving my design a more distinct personality :)

Excited to participate in my first CAP art submissions since CAP 20!

mad scientist gas flask dino pt 2, a little more dark/poisony. Tried to make it less dragon-looking. Looks a bit deranged, but it has a calm mind.

still looking for feedback!! thanks Yokaiju for your suggestions :)

mad scientist gas flask dino pt 2, a little more dark/poisony. Tried to make it less dragon-looking. Looks a bit deranged, but it has a calm mind.

still looking for feedback!! thanks Yokaiju for your suggestions :)
Yep, this looks a lot more like a Dark/Poison type. The design is coming along great! One suggestion that might make it stand out a little more is to make "head hair things" have a little more life into it, as in colors. I think that one area on it's head needs a more vibrant color, or at least the back "hairs" I think if done correctly it could bring out a little more in your design. You honestly don't have to follow this suggestion, just something I thought would make it look nicer.

The lizard is back with a new coat of paint! I changed the spray paint canisters to somewhat resemble a lizard's spikes or fins, and redid the patterns on the body to make them a little more simple. I also beefed up the design somewhat to better represent the bulkier stats we're likely to get.


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WIP kinda

Ok this is a change from last time, graffiti guy won the poll by a large margin so i thought i'd work on it and develop it a little more, until i came to graffiti cowboy over here. Prob going to work on supporting art and stuff but i think this'll be the final render for the most part :)

EDIT: Smoke is prob illegal so heres the non smoke version
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